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How to Activate the Roku Device using Roku Link Activation

How to Activate the Roku Device using Roku Link Activation

Roku digital video player is a small box that sits near your television screen and receives a digital transmission from your broadband via an Ethernet cable or a WiFi signal. Roku has stepped forward to extend your internet media from your computer screen to your television. Roku allows you to watch free and paid content on your television screen via the internet. All you need is one of Roku’s several models of internet video streaming devices. 

Roku offers a wide range of hi-tech streaming devices to give you an amazing experience. Roku’s powerful streaming devices come with a number of features that take out the pain of recording your favorite TV shows and offer you’re the pleasure of watching streaming channels on your big screens.

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Setting up a Roku device is an easy procedure that generally involves three simple steps – Plug your Roku streaming device to your Television, then set up internet connection to your Roku streaming device via Ethernet or WiFi, and lastly, set up Roku account to stream your loved channels, movies, and TV shows.


Roku Link Activation


Once the apparatus is set up and connected to the television, the Roku link activation screen will pop up and ask for the activation link code which is provided to you after you pay for the activation fee. As the Roku webpage loads, the page will ask for a Roku link activation code. Enter the code that you received after paying the Roku Activation fee. Setting up the Roku link activation is a tricky part. It’s a simple process but if you are struggling with setting up your Roku activation link, then you can simply call Roku support and the Roku support team will resolve any query you have regarding Roku activation.

Whether you are not able to set up your account or facing difficulties activating the Roku activation link, our customer service consisting of experienced members are always at your disposal at the Roku toll-free number – +1 877 376 3839 or visit The strength of Roku support lies in the knowledge & experience of award-winning & certified technicians.

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