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Terms & Conditons

It is advised to review terms & conditions carefully before you make use of our website. For better understanding, read our terms of use set forth below to keep you updated.

By accessing our site, you are agreeing to be bound by our terms and conditions. You must adhere to the regulations stated in relation to the use of our website & services provided.


We reserve the rights to publish & modify all the information related to roku services & support in adherence to the rules & regulations. holds all the copyrights & clearly states that we are only the service providers who help you fix your roku issues in any way. The information on roku product and services on the website is copyrighted by You will be punished or charged in case found violating copyrighted rules.


Your visit to our site is an acknowledgment from you that you have read all the terms & conditions carefully & ready to proceed further. All sorts of terms of use, “Customer’, “You”, and “Your” belongs to you. The agreement also uses terms such as “The Company”, “Ourselves”, “We”, “Our” and “Us”, which means all the information based on these terms is completely related to us and we will be responsible for any statement made using such terms.


In this roku service providing agreement, we make clear that cookies are used by to make use of users personal information. Each visit of users brings with it all the user details that are stored by the browser. Users need to enable the cookies to get access to our site.


We have a license for all the materials published on The users are not allowed to imitate our content and republish for their own personal use. We are strictly against the replication & duplicity of our material.

In addition, limited access is provided to guest users. You can visit & explore our site for free only if you are planning to subscribe our services plus registering with to get access to our tech support services to get solutions for your roku problems.

Limitations Related to Personal & Non-Commercial Use

Any new or existing user is not allowed to misuse the information or material by Until & unless specified under any plan, all software & information shared by us should be used in limits for personal & non-commercial purposes.

Your Use of the Site

Any attempt made to use the content of the site for unlawful use is prohibited. No unauthorized access to any part or portion of the website is not accepted under the terms & conditions.

You agree that you will not even think or try to make an attempt leading to vulnerability of the site, causing damage. Also, any action will not be made by you including the usage of content and material or breach of security for any purpose that’s unlawful or prohibited by our terms & conditions.

Limitation of Liability

Any kind of damage caused due to improper usage of site & information is solely the responsibility of the user. We are not liable to you in ANY EVENT for the inconvenience & incidental damages. can terminate or suspend any of the services on immediate basis without notice in the following cases (a) breach of terms & conditions, (b) in case of prohibition by the law, (c) legal orders from the court to terminate the services, (d) you are not a user anymore, (e) you are misusing or abusing the services, (f) any unlawful or harmful action is taken from your side.